Linear Bar Architectural Grilles - From utility to art

Few products have developed in recent year as much as HVAC grilles have in the architectural metal realm. The reason behind this is born in the human desire to always improve and perfect. To never settle for less, or for something that is merely functional. Initially with the advent of Air Conditioning, big companies hired engineers to figure out the functionality of air intake and exhaust, without giving too much thought to design, since this was uncharted territory no risks could be taken. The only scope was the functionality of the machine, and people's live were so much improved by A/C, that having an unpleasing aesthetic box sticking out the window wasn't a bad thing, au contraire, it was a statement of higher life quality. As time went by and A/C become not a luxury, but a necessity to our minds, and technology of manufacture evolved, more and more designers and engineers as well as managers felt the need to improve the aesthetic of the products without sacrificing functionality. 

MegaVision's products strive to do just that. We're focused on perfect functionality of the AC units while the outside is seamlessly integrated in the office or home design. We work with architects and engineers to achieve this goal and enjoy taking on large or difficult projects with confidence and professionalism, using the best materials and making sure the final product will be a perfect balance between functionality and design.

Constantine Dancu