MV 10 series

Our linear bar grilles  meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations and are designed according to HVAC and architectural industry standards. Extruded aluminum, architectural bronze, stainless steel and steel linear bar grilles are the top choice of architects, contractors and homeowners across the US.
The flexible design is instrumental to applications throughout the entire room. Classic placement is on top of radiator and AC units. More modern approaches have made a great visual improvement to houses and offices, the linear bar grilles can replace old radiator covers completely, mounted vertically; they can be installed on walls, ceilings or floors.



Satin (#4)

Mirror Polish (#8)


  1. Clear
  2. Black
  3. Duranodic
  • Champagne
  • Light Bronze
  • Medium Bronze
  • Dark Bronze

Powder Coating



Satin (#4)

Mirror Polish (#8)

Statuary (US10B)

  1. Light
  2. Medium 
  3. Dark


Satin (#4)

Mirror Polish (#8)


Thickness 1/16" to 1/8"

Satin Chrome (#4)

Polished Chrome (#8)


Antique Brass Plating

Antique Bronze Plating

Polished Brass Plating

Powder Coating


anodizing finishes

MV 10


Spec Sheet


Cleaning Instructions


Methods of fastening

MV 16

MV 45

MV 60

Each HVAC grille can be fabricated with one or more access doors, to allow you to operate the controls of your AC unit. Size and location are custom made to order. Using a pivot, this door design is seamless and modern.
In stock architectural grilles with access doors are available here

Always measure the opening where you want to place your grille. Based on this size we will create the core or neck of the grille. In some cases, like the A and E frame, that's the total size of the grille, but grilles with flange have an overall larger dimension. 


  • always measure the horizontal plan - length (A) first. 
  • it's recommended to allow 1/16" clearance for an easy fit
  • make sure frame (flange) has enough space to rest on top of opening (custom size flanges can be manufactured if needed)
  • in some cases the depth of the opening is limited, make sure the grille will fit. Most grilles are 3/4" or 7/8" deep. 
  • if grille needs to be fastened with screws, let us know and our engineers will provide the best solution

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