Tips for Measuring Toilet Partitions

RULE OF THUMB: Draw a top view, and make a note of room height.

1.       Draw the wall location as a rectangular box.

2.       Note the toilet location.

3.       If you are replacing existing partitions, write their location and measurements.

4.       Note the door swing (in or out – left or right)

5.       Identify, if existing, partitions style (floor mount, headrail braced – most common, ceiling hung, floor to ceiling).

6.       If new partition style is required, it is important to note floor and ceiling materials.



LENGTH Measurement:

A.      For Alcove or Between Wall location – measure wall to wall (if new sheet rock will be installed, make note of future decrease of wall to wall size,)

B.      For In-Corner Alcove, measure wall to where pilaster ends.

C.      For Freestanding, measure from right pillar to left pillar.

D.      Minimum Partition Length (left to right) to be 30”.

E.       Note door mount, left or right.

F.       Note any wall treatments, like baseboard, and always measure the smallest distance.

DEPTH Measurement:

a)       Standard minimum for inswing door, 30” from wall to front of toilet + door opening size + 1”.

b)      Standard minimum for outswing door 45.5” panels.

c)       For outswing, note overall depth of bathroom and location of sink, where possible, it’s preferred to use inswing doors, as long as 30” + door opening + 1” is available (standard minimum depth panel 51.5” for inswing doors and 22” or 24” door).

d)      Note any sinks or other appliances closer than door opening size from partition for outswing, in order to assure a full door opening without interference.

HEIGHT Measurement:

a.       Overhead braced partitions require minimum 88” ceiling height, the head-rail is located at 85” from floor.

b.       For ceiling hung or floor to ceiling partitions, measure the height of room and note if any additional construction will occur (i.e. – new floor, new ceiling).

c.       Note ceiling and floor materials and submit pictures of it if possible.

d.       Hybrid (head-rail braced – floor mount) partitions can be manufactured for situations where just part of the divider is in an area where the ceiling to floor dimension changes.

Constantine Dancu