Radiator Covers


We design and manufacture new Radiator and AC covers for commercial spaces, schools, hospitals, starting with in-field measurements, going through developing and designing the enclosure, and manufacture in our state-of-the-art facility. Using the best materials and our superior craftsmanship, we create a product so well balanced between aspect and functionality, that it will seem it has always been there. 


We take pride in our craftsmanship and don't settle for less than perfect when it comes to manufacturing custom made wood radiator covers and enclosures. Our edge is the knowledge in HVAC, which allows us to design covers that are both aesthetically beautiful and mechanically functional.  


perforated STEEL covers

Modern, beautiful, functional radiator covers, custom made for you. All dimensions are measured on site before job is sent to production. Call us and we will schedule an appointment.

 Available perforations

From traditional perforations like Grecian and Windsor to classic perforations like Gothic and Majestic and modern perforations like Square Link and Diamond

wood RADIATOR covers

Beautifully crafted, custom made wood covers, with metal perforation or wood strips. Attention to details is the key to our high quality products. CNC and old school craftsmanship work hand in hand to produce a real enhancement to your residence or office space. 


Stamped Face Covers

Replace your existing old enclosure, covered in endless layers of paint with a brand new beautifully crafted powder coated cover.

linear bar cover

A modern approach to radiator covers, using extruded aluminum, this cover goes through an anodizing process to offer maximum durability and a beautiful matte finish. Clear anodizing and duranodic options are available.

ac UNIT covers

MegaVision can replicate any old AC unit covers with brand new beautiful covers, to work perfect with your existing coil and controls for adjusting room temperature. We take care of the project from start to finish, from measuring on site to manufacture in our state-of-the-art metal shop, to installation. We like to make sure your new HVAC unit cover will look just as great as the rest of your newly renovated house.

We use rust resistant galvannealed steel and powder coat the color of your choice, or standard white semi- gloss, using Tiger Drylac's excellent products for a perfect finish. For the Wood covers we use MDF, painted to perfection in our shop. For the grille we use extruded anodized aluminum, with access door. All our products meet and exceed our customer's expectations.



Custom made Baseboard Covers can be manufactured from Steel, Stainless Steel or Wood. 


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