Aluminum Linear Bar Grilles for Perfect Airflow and Great Visual Impact

Aluminum bar grilles have been the standard for a very long time now in the HVAC industry. Their most striking advantages over other materials such as steel, brass or plastic are various. First, they are rust resistant, and price effective. the most important advantage is the endless extrusion options for aluminum, as opposed to steel. Even though brass can also be extruded, it is in many cases cost prohibitive, and used only in high end residential and non-residential buildings. For floor application, stainless steel remains a very good alternative, as it is stronger than aluminum to pressure, even though at a higher cost. 

Other advantages of aluminum are finishing options, it can be satin finished, or mirror polished, anodized, bronze anodized, or powder coated. There is hardly any other material which can sustain such a wide range of finishes. 

MegaVision's MV10 and MV20 line of extruded aluminum linear bar grilles have a welded structure, for maximum durability. These grilles can accommodate a wide range of installation profiles, from drop in to hidden flange, from drop in with flange support, to drop in flush with existing blocking, removable core, custom depth, access doors and more. They work perfect with any radiator or AC unit covers. We offer many options for air deflections based on the room architecture and client's wish. Lately the 45° deflection has been the most popular, due to it's increase in cold and hot air supply to the room, in most cases, clients confirmed up to 50% increase in efficiency. For smaller rooms, 16° and 0° deflections are also available. 



Constantine Dancu