Radiator covers for the next 100 years

At MegaVision HVAC we take pride in manufacturing custom made radiator covers, and we have been doing this for the past 20 years, for thousands of residential and non-residential buildings in New York and elsewhere. From the moment we pick up the phone to talk to you about your job, or answer your e-mail, until the radiator enclosure is installed, we offer our expertise and experience to help you chose the best radiator cover for your needs. We are not bound by any limitations in regards to the materials or manufacture, so if you want something unique, we are the right ones for it. Consequently, if you want a clean but simple look, we are happy to retrofit new covers, using similar style to the existing one. We can accommodate both new building projects as well as restorations.

Our radiator covers can be manufactured from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze or wood, using state of the art technology. We can manufacture the radiator covers based on architect drawings or after our engineers measure on-site the project and determine all necessary details for manufacture to begin.

One of our most popular radiator cover is the stamped face cover, with openings at the bottom and top side of the cover, for air intake and exhaust. These covers are perfect replacement for old radiator covers. This enclosure is made from galvannealed steel, treated to resist rust, and powder coated to the color of your choice. Aluminum or stainless steel are also available options.

The perforated radiator gives a sophisticated touch to your lobby or living room, and you’ll have many options to choose from: Grecian, Windsor, Lattice, Diamond, Classic, Majestic, Gothic, Clover and other perforations are available. Access door for valve access are available in all cover options.

Our linear bar radiator cover is the most modern approach to this product. They are made of aluminum and can be anodized to a variety of nuances, or powder coated to match any finish.

We can also manufacture wood radiator covers, with perforations for airflow. These can also be painted to any color you chose.

MegaVision’s skilled installation team will handle the installation and, if needed, removal of old covers.

Things to consider:

-          If you’re changing any other surfaces of your room, like your floor or walls, you need to consider this before ordering your radiator cover. If radiator cover measurements are taken before other renovation was made, it’s best to have it installed first, and then go on to make modifications. Likewise, if you need to make alterations first, then you need to wait for all hard surfaces to be in place, like laminate floors, or sheet-rock walls, before we measure the new cover.

-          Radiator covers are more than a piece of wood or metal, they are the air you breathe, so maintain a clean radiator cover is essential.

Baseboard covers, vent covers, AC unit covers, are all custom HVAC products which can be manufactured by HVAC MegaVision. 

Constantine Dancu